Our Work

Focus Areas

Our Mission: To identify and support scalable solutions that address the biggest challenges in education today.

Our Vision: We seek an education ecosystem that provides universal access to meaningful learning experiences that enrich individuals economically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

The Wicked Problems

We define our work through a set of Wicked Problems. These issues are central to our understanding of the challenges and opportunities for higher education, and the lens through which our team considers solutions in learning design, the education technology marketplace, and policy.

Most importantly, we believe that by focusing on these specific challenges we can help to dismantle barriers between talent and opportunity across the learner journey.

Preparation and Access to Post-Secondary Education

  • Routes and entry points to higher education unnecessarily limit access for individuals who do not match the historic student profile.
  • Lack of transparency around cost, debt and access to financial instruments add structural impediments to access, and burdens on student populations that can inhibit their potential as individuals.

The Learning Experience

  • The design of curriculum, instruction, support systems, and organization do not reflect known principles of social psychology and its impact on learning
  • Online learning models have not fully harnessed what is known about the science of learning
  • Diversity of instruction and learning paths do not reflect the diversity of learners.

Leap From Learning to Opportunity

  • The transition from learning to work is opaque to students and employers and prone to leaks.
  • Higher Education is not structured to support continuous work/learn cycles that the modern workforce requires.

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