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Universities are swimming in data, yet often struggle to connect the dots to timely student supports. Current software solutions are expensive, require manual data uploads, result in counselors sifting through large data sets, and often aren’t built to meet the unique needs of small and midsize solutions. MeasurEDU was designed to simplify the journey from data to actionable insights. Our proprietary API automates the data extraction process, displays insights via easy-to-use dashboards, and provides communications channels for counselors and advisors to easily reach out to students in need. Currently in the pilot phase, MeasurEDU is piloting and offers these services:

Current Product Offerings

Predictive Analytics and Student Support

Gain real-time student retention capabilities by detecting struggling students early through the dropout probability feature, and enable faculty and advisors to offer appropriate interventions via customizable outreach templates.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Custom BI dashboard reports unify diverse data sources to pinpoint the most relevant fields for your institution, helping you to gain insights on key student success metrics.

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Data Integration and Security

Easily implemented API automates data integration from your LMS, SIS, and CRM. MeasurEDU protects sensitive data and ensures compliance with FERPA regulation.

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Professional Services

MeasurEDU experts work with you to create customized solutions that seamlessly integrate your existing technology, while helping you leverage data to support your students.

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How MeasurEDU works for you


  • Track the efficacy of programs and interventions
  • Gain access to easily understandable and actionable data points aligned to your initiatives
  • Create student group dashboards to make gaining data insights to student success aligned with your performance metrics easier to access

Advisors, Counselors, Faculty

  • Track outreach and intervention caseloads from start to finish within a user-friendly interface.
  • Equip staff with customizable communication templates, designed by social psychologists, and workflow automations.
  • Automate student data integration

Data Scientists

  • Simple data configuration and reporting
  • Easy user management
  • Access to LMS/SIS data-mart, overlaid with Tableau-like reporting tool
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