Transformative Professional Development for Community College or University Faculty

Faculty Experiential Learning Institute

Improve your instructional practices and retain marginalized students

The Faculty Experiential Learning Institute (FELI) is a five-day professional experience designed for community college or university faculty, staff, and administrators. FELI is an opportunity to closely examine your instructional practices and learn new approaches to better support student success.

WGU Labs is a FELI partner and has supported this offering’s growth in the postsecondary education market.

Workshop Details

Engaging Exercises

FELI participants engage in more than 100 exercises and activities, including large group discussion, small group sharing and presentations, movement activities, role-playing and reflection over five-days.

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Learn New Approaches

The FELI Institute will challenge your perceptions of working styles, listening abilities, and communication techniques. The Institute also focuses on the difference between outside-in and inside-out learning, authentic communication, and the value of self-awareness and self-disclosure in the retainment of marginalized students.

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Prerequisite for ACE

FELI can be offered as a stand-alone professional development activity or as a part of the process of bringing an Academy of College Excellence (ACE) program to a college. FELI is the first step for faculty interested in teaching ACE classes. ACE also provides two online workshop series: Constructs for Creating a Culture of Dignity and Developing Gravity and Glue in the Classroom so Students Stick.

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Interested in attending?

Bringing the Experiential Learning Institute to your campus is an opportunity to invest in your team's professional development in an environment that will renew and inspire their passion for instruction.

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