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User-Centered Learning Design & Development

Achieve Learner Outcomes Tied to Strategic Goals that Really Matter

Using a mission-driven approach, our learning experience designers (LXDs) and product team provide specialty solutions to meet strategic goals. We create learner-centered experiences through evidence-based learning strategies grounded in the principles of competency-based education (CBE).

Leading with Equity
We believe that all learning experiences should reflect the uniqueness of each learner, especially those who are furthest from opportunity. That’s why we follow a learner-centered design process that incorporates an intentional focus on equity. Through one-on-one interviews with institutional stakeholders and students as well as iterative co-design sessions, we design content that considers the perspectives and needs of all learners. Every step of the way, we apply awareness, empathy, and humility so we can deliver culturally-relevant learning experiences.

Applying an Agile Process
Our process is iterative. We seek continuous feedback from learners, instructors, industry-workforce advisors, and subject matter experts so we can amplify the voices of learners. Taking this approach enables us to put learners at the center of every design decision and prioritize expected competencies and their overall experience with the content. From consulting and research to prototyping, product pilots, and design iteration, every step of our process is intentional, thorough, responsive, and actionable.

Practicing Evidence-based Approaches
Our LXDs leverage a holistic, research-backed, interdisciplinary approach to create the best learning experiences. We work with partners to create high-quality learning experiences including asynchronous learning, synchronous learning, flexible delivery, active learning, or CBE.

Co-designing with Learners
Using a structured matrix to gather valuable feedback and insights through co-design sessions, we engage directly with learners and experts to iterate on design concepts. Following these co-design sessions, we collect and analyze the data, then make improvements to the prototyped learning experience. The result is an engaging and impactful learning experience that not only aligns with an institution’s learning outcomes but also prioritizes expected competencies and the learner’s overall experience with the content.

Learning Design Examples

Our process is our product. Partnering with Labs to integrate user-centered, equitable design into an organization's programs and courses allows higher education and workforce leaders to create new courses or adapt existing content to fit the needs of their learners. Examples of learning design and development services include:

Course Curriculum Enhancements

Give your students an optimal learning experience by having current courses redesigned or refreshed — or developing new ones — using engagement-oriented and project-based learning activities

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Specialty Consulting

Improve learner engagement with recommendations and roadmaps that are drawn from employing mixed methods of user research, such as surveys, interviews and secondary data analysis, and authentic assessment and served alongside course enhancements

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Program Selection and Development

Adopt engaging programs that are specific to your students’ and institutions’ needs, including core program offerings and professional development courses, by working with our team to select and design programs based on the results of needs assessment, user research, and input from local employers

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Quality Enhancement and Assistance

After accreditation, take accreditor requirements and make the necessary improvements to courses, programs, and more to meet quality initiatives with the help of our team

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Communities of Practice

Create learning communities for student learner groups and faculty  to share best practices and provide meaningful context for application and shared knowledge with the help of our experts

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Authentic Assessment

Promote deeper learning and enable learners to demonstrate relevant knowledge and skills with authentic assessments designed by our team

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Our Learning Design experts guide higher education and workforce leaders through CBE implementation. Too often, the focus of CBE is on speedy timelines for mastery or an online delivery format. But these programs can provide much more to fit the current service models of institutions. We show leaders and faculty members how to align CBE programs with learning and assessments to introduce more learning science into learners’ experiences.

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CBE Transformation
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