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Research and Evaluation

Research Designed to Advance Equity in Education and Student Outcomes

Higher education and workforce development programs need sound, field-tested answers to complex challenges. We find and test solutions to these wicked problems through research that is based on theory, conducted in real settings, and, critically, centered on students’ experiences and outcomes.

Our Approach

Design Balanced by Rigor and Flexibility

The best research design is the one that answers the most pressing questions at hand with the best data and resources available while recognizing that rapid innovation requires flexible and responsive evaluation. We work with our clients to develop projects that follow the best practices of research design and have the flexibility to pivot based on the conditions in the field or the needs of stakeholders.

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Equity-centered Analysis

Without equitable research, equitable student outcomes are not possible. In addition to following all ethical guidelines set out by designated research organizations, we also elevate the voices of people who have been historically silenced and recognize the pervasive inequities embedded within the education system.

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Collaborative, Field-based Approaches

Our talented team of field-based researchers collaborates with practitioners to ensure that research is conducted in real learning settings, designed to understand important aspects of implementation, and has a throughline to impact. Our unique position as part of Western Governors University, as well as our institutional partners in the College Innovation Network, gives us an unmatched understanding of and access to learning settings and research participants, enabling high-quality research grounded in the realities of today’s classrooms.

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Results Used by Institutions and the Industry

We are committed to research that is in service of moving the needle on wicked problems in higher education and workforce development. We are transparent about results and communicate about progress that will impact student outcomes. Additionally, as possible, we release findings that can drive transformative change for learners to the industry.

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Research with the College Innovation Network

The College Innovation Network (CIN) helps higher education leaders understand how and if students are served by new EdTech products. Plus members can test new solutions with our research team.

College Innovation Network

Research Support for EdTech Solutions

We work with EdTech founders to provide efficacy research on new products, audience insights, or implementation data. Find out more about research within the EdTech Fund and Accelerator.

EdTech Accelerator
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